Cafes & Restaurants

Where do people look first to find your business? Google Maps is the most common response. So, it is especially important for you to be found. If you are not on Google Maps with a media rich Google My Business listing, you are potentially missing out on customers and giving them to your competitors. Your listing on Google My Business should showcase your café or restaurant to your customers. It should be rich with examples of your fabulous food, opening hours, reviews and importantly a 360° Virtual Tour. The Tour can show where you are and who you are, casual dining, cosy, funky or upmarket chic. Don’t lose out to your competitors. Make your type of people want to come and try your place, tempt and entice them with an immersive 360-degree Virtual Tour of your business.

Have a look below at some of the businesses we have created tours for that are similar to yours. We have packages to suit all sizes of business. You can be assured of professional service as we are Google Trusted Photographers.

Have any questions? have a look at our “Why get a Virtual Tour with a Google Trusted Photographer?” page or give us a ring on 1300 182 128.